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Online Reputation Management Can be key to Your Success

Posted on: April 19, 2013 by in Uncategorized
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Think your online reputation doesn’t matter? Think again! Based on a study by Erik Qualman of, nearly three-quarters of respondents say they trust the information offered by total strangers online. Further, some 80 percent of consumers have changed their minds about buying a product after reading a negative review online, and over 84 percent say they find online product reviews as being a trustworthy source of information.

You need to take negative reviews seriously and take measures to counter the negative effects!

Here are five solutions to do just that:

  1. Look at your search results monthly – Monitor your company’s name in Google at the very least once a month. Use Google Alerts or to inform you if you have any activity involving your company name or important keywords. Also, look beyond page one of the search results; negative entries can gain traction and end up on the first page tomorrow.
  2. Deal with negative content ASAP – Do your best to make contact with the person who posted the content in question as quickly as possible, especially if they are an unsatisfied customer. Do your very best to take care of their concerns in a positive manner. Don’t enter into a public tussle with them! You won’t like the outcome.
  3. Use your company’s name in your page optimization – Be sure your pages and other content are using your company’s name in keywords, tags, URLS, and titles. The more pages you own that bear your company’s name, the better the possibility Google will view your site as the authority for this keyword (your company name) and provide you with higher rankings. Also, most negative content will most likely not have done any SEO.
  4. Create more content channels with your brand – You can use free blogs like, or even subdomains of your own site for this, along with your social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google , will help keep your company name prominent. Post fresh content to these channels as well, so they maintain their search positions.
  5. Ask your customers for reviews – The most apparent and by far by far the most useful tool for successful online reputation management is to ask your satisfied customers for a review. Encourage and even reward reviews. This is also your very best source of social proof!

Follow these tips and safeguard your good name! It’s the right thing to do.

Facebook Ads; Your Fast Ticket to Results!

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Facebook ads are probably the fastest, easiest and most effective do-it-yourself platforms for getting traffic to your offers, building prospect lists, and for practically any other purpose you can think of for your website. Ad campaigns are incredibly simple to set up, include great targeting tools, and can be online within minutes. There is one key to fully grasp, however, when it comes to receiving the best results and return on investment: That would be finding the most effective images available. It has been shown that imagery is 70-89 percent of the success or failure of a Facebook ad campaign. Let’s check out some useful tips for obtaining the most from your Facebook ad images.

5 Great Image Tips for Facebook Ads

Creating an ad that produces a real impact and statement for your product or services is a matter of standing out from the rest. Here are five ways to do just that!

  1. Use high quality stock images – Since your images will end up very small, make certain you’re buying from a reputable resource. Fotolia and iStockPhoto are two of our most favorite. The XS size of available images is going to be fine, as even these are cut down to the size of a postage stamp (110×80 pixels).
  2. Crop to deliver impact – Crop your photos closely to focus on the most important aspect of your ad. Cropping faces from the eyes to mouth is the most impactful technique for riveting people images. Also, make sure that your model’s eyes have life. Whenever using product images, get close!
  3. Choose eye-catching colors – Using bright, visually arresting images will do wonders for your click-thru rates. Too many people opt to blend in with the pervasive Facebook blue, and thus consign their ads to a form of “banner blindness”.
  4. Choose the most attractive images you can find! – Unless you are going for a certain statement, select the most attractive photos you can get. Everyone is attracted to beauty. Period. This is not to say that from time to time beauty can’t be trumped by cute, funny or outrageous.
  5. Employ humor if you can – Everyone enjoys a good laugh. If you have the opportunity to inject a giggle into your ad, don’t pass it up! This will definitely result in a higher clickthrough rate!

For some good illustrations of these ad-image principles in action, check out this great article at Search Engine Watch.

Does it make sense for your business to have a mobile app?

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You might have been considering whether or not it’s advisable for your business to spend the time and expense needed to develop and implement a mobile app for your business. Does a mobile app even make sense for your small business? What would it cost? Who’s going to update it? These and many other questions need answers in order to really make an educated decision. Let’s examine some of what you need to know.

Developing a Mobile App: Pros and Cons


  • Over 50 percent of adult Americans are using smartphones for consumer and business functions
  • Keeps your brand visible in the marketplace
  • A great tool for increasing customer loyalty and retention
  • App users typically spend much more time on apps than on mobile sites
  • Mobile apps usually load faster than mobile sites
  • Mobile apps are available offline, though users will need to login to perform any actions, such as purchases


  • Mobile apps are required for each different mobile platform
  • Mobile apps require perpetual care, both as regard fresh content in addition to technology updates
  • Mobile apps are not as easy to optimize as a mobile website
  • Mobile ads may very well serve the same purpose
  • Apps can be very expensive! If you go the Do It Yourself route, be prepared for a lot of headaches, as they frequently break, and need to be updated.

We all know that there are as many uses for an app than you could ever imagine, but some are superior to others. This is an example of how apps were developed in the health care market. Making sure your app is useful and not a mere novelty goes a long way toward helping you make your choice. While it’s pretty much a given that you need a mobile version of your website, the question of whether or not you should shell out what might be big bucks for an app is one you want to examine carefully. Take your time to weigh the pros and cons for your business before you leap into building a mobile app!

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mojo

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Way back in the day (last year) it was a relatively simple undertaking to rank your pages in Google’s search engine results. Optimize the pages, have good, unique content and create a slew of backlinks to them.

Ahh, the good ‘ol days.

No longer. Google has upped the ante, and besides making sure we are still managing to accomplish the majority of the above named items, we are now expected to have a viable and buzzing social media presence as well! What this means is complete social profiles, daily or more posts, and interaction with your peeps consistently.

So exactly how do we create these “social signals”?

So how do we do this without tearing out all of our hair? Here are three easy methods for you to quickly increase customer engagement, grow your audience, and boost word of mouth regarding your business.

  1. Utilize visual media – However you slice it, most of us now would prefer to watch than read. Whether we are pushed to this by time constraints or the fact that it’s simply easier, that appears to be the state of society these days. Backing that up, Facebook reports that photos and videos attract 53 percent more likes than text alone.
  2. Do it later in the day – Customer engagement by way of likes, shares and follows, are occurring later in the day, based on this infographic. (See, you wanted to look at it, didn’t ya!)
  3. Be quick to respond – Getting people to respond to you is challenging enough: don’t leave them hanging! Be sure you develop the practice of replying to comments, tweets and status updates as quickly as possible. You’re wanting to engage, not find a way avoid this!

Here’s a cool example of a business getting inventive with social media: Comodo, a restaurant in New York City, launched a menu that used tagged images, enabling customers to look through and see what they have to offer. Your business could also find new customers and further engage with the ones you have now by using these simple suggestions!